Silver Bracelets for Women: The Definitive Guide

Silver bracelets natural stones elastic cord with link chain and pearls

The silver bracelets. Some jewels that change everything. Some essential accessories that we love.

But to begin with, let's go with a little history.

History of silver bracelets: the first bracelets

We begin with archeology and the discovery of the first bracelets. It was back in the year 2500 a. C. when a group of archaeologists found them in what was the south of ancient Mesopotamia.

In their studies they found evidence that women used them as ornaments and, in turn, were a reflection of their husbands' prosperity. An indisputable status symbol.

The Mesopotamians were pioneers in incorporating jewelry into their lifestyle. And not just bracelets, but all kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, rings, anklets or earrings.

It was no longer something exclusive only to royalty: it was worn by children, men and women.

And when the kings died they were buried with their jewels so that they would have them in the afterlife.

If we continue in history we find the wonderful ancient Egypt.

Here the bracelets were very important.

They were used as protection amulets but very soon these amulets began to be incorporated into very well worked jewelry, also becoming a symbol of status, power and wealth.

Throughout history, each civilization has cultivated the aesthetics and style of jewelry in its own way, thus representing its culture and as a symbol of protection and status.

Materials: what the bracelets are made of

The bracelets are made of very varied materials.

The most popular materials of all time have always been metals, especially gold and silver.

Other widely used materials are natural stones or gems, pearls, nylon thread, copper, wood, fabrics, plastic, leather, imitation leather and all kinds of metals and elements of Nature that can be reused, thus achieving creating sustainable bracelets.

In the next few lines we are going to talk about the different types of bracelets, which in our case the main material will be sterling silver and 18 kt gold-plated sterling silver, and if you continue reading we will explain some doubts or frequently asked questions that I'm sure they will be of great help to you.

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Silver link or chain bracelets

Gretel Gold silver bracelet with 18kt gold plated chain

Silver link bracelets, or also called chain bracelets, are one of the most common bracelets that we can find in jewelry stores. They are very classic jewels whose designs are continually reinvented and never go out of style.

Women really like large-link silver bracelets, but small-link bracelets are the most comfortable to wear on a daily basis.

And just as there are many sizes of bracelets, there are also many types of silver link chains: rectangular, square, rolo, forced, Korean, bead, Venetian, Singaporean, flat, serpentine, rattail, figaro, curb. , cheval, Byzantine, etc.

And many more with equally beautiful and timeless designs as the previous ones.

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Silver bracelets with natural stones or gems

Silver bracelets with natural stones or gems

Silver bracelets with natural stones are another style that never goes out of style.

These types of bracelets are generally handmade and the natural stones used to make them can be of multiple shapes, colors, and sizes.

Natural stone bracelets are also combined with sterling silver, giving rise to some really beautiful designs.

If the assembly of the bracelet is with an elastic thread or a thread or stainless steel cord, for example, it is called the setting technique.

On the other hand, if the stones are attached directly to the metal, for example through claws, without any type of glue, it is called setting or setting technique.

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Pearl bracelets

Pearl and silver bracelets

Silver and pearl bracelets are jewels that have always been highly desired by women throughout the centuries.

The most common pearls in silver jewelry are cultured pearls, both freshwater and saltwater, although shell pearls are also widely used.

As for the colors, the range that we can find is very wide: natural colors such as white, ivory, pink or gold; Tahitian pearls, which are almost black or dyed in all kinds of colors such as green, purple, red or blue.

For the manufacturing process, the technique of crimping with knots is almost always used.

Why are pearls separated by knots?

The pearls are separated by knots for protection, to prevent them from rubbing against each other and from deteriorating.

Knotted bracelets have a silver or 24 kt gold-plated silver clasp.

Pearl bracelets that are mounted on elastic thread do not have a clasp.

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Silver cord bracelets

Saturday Night silver and cord bracelet with natural stones and pendant

Silver cord bracelets are bracelets that have become very fashionable in recent years.

The cord used is usually cotton or nylon, although we can find it in many other materials.

These bracelets generally do not have a metal clasp, but rather a sliding or adjustable clasp.

One thing to keep in mind about these bracelets is that they are ideal as a gift to a woman because, being adjustable, you will never fail to fit.

These types of bracelets are the ones that many people usually choose to give to teachers, mothers, grandmothers, best friends, their partner, for birthday gifts or for any type of event or celebration. They never fail!

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Elastic silver bracelets

Elastic bracelet with cultured pearls and natural turquoise and aquamarine stones

Elastic silver bracelets are so called because they are mounted on an elastic thread and do not have a clasp.

They are made with natural stones or are even made up only of pieces of sterling silver. They can also carry small pendants or charms.

The best thing about these bracelets is that they are put on and taken off very quickly, so they are ideal for those days when you are in a hurry. Have you felt identified? ;)

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Silver bangles or rigid silver bracelets

Fork silver bangle or rigid bracelet

Within the silver bracelets or rigid silver bracelets we can also find various styles.

Round silver bangles are the most common.

When buying one, it must be taken into account that if it does not have any type of closure, the diameter of the bracelet must be large enough so that we can slide our hand through it.

There are also round silver bracelets that can be adjusted to the upper part of the arm.

These types of bracelets are used more in summer, which is when we wear our arms more uncovered.

Oval silver bracelets are generally made with different closure systems. If not, they are also made open, just enough so that we can slide our wrist through the opening.

Oval silver bracelets sit much tighter on the wrist than round ones.

Another type of oval bracelet is the torque.

Silver torques are open bracelets that are characterized by having a ball on each side.

Thanks to these balls, they are more comfortable to put on and take off, since the wrist slides more easily.

They fit very well on the wrist.

They are a type of bracelets with a lot of history dating back to at least the 8th century BC.

And as in the past, they are jewels that are still being made entirely by hand in jewelry workshops today.

Silver slaves

Silver slave with zirconia

Silver slave bracelets are a type of bracelets that have always been very popular over the years.

They are made up of a central silver plate from whose ends come two chains that end up joined by a clasp.

The most common closure is usually a carabiner.

These types of bracelets are widely used as gifts.

The visible part of the bracelet is usually engraved with the name of the person to whom the gift is made and the inside part is engraved with their date of birth or a date marked to remember.

How to know the measurement of my wrist and the size of the silver bracelet

How to know the measurement of my wrist and the size of the bracelet. Size guide

One of the most common questions that arise when buying a silver bracelet is what size bracelet do I need? How big is my wrist?

Well, the first question we cannot answer until we have answered the second.

To measure your wrist correctly, use a meter, the sewing meter of a lifetime.

The circumference of the well-adjusted wrist is measured and then we go to the measurement table to look at the corresponding bracelet size.

As you can see, the table of measurements that we have placed up here is approximate.

If you don't manage well with the meter or you don't have it, you can also use a cord, rope, a piece of wool or even a strip of paper. The case is to use something to be able to take reference.

Surround the contour of your wrist with the cord. If the bracelet you want is thin, you can leave the cord a little looser, as if it were the bracelet.

When you have decided how you would like it to fit, you stretch the lace and bring it to a ruler.

Does the cord measure 17 cm? Well, that will be the measurement of the bracelet, it will not be necessary to add anything else. That easy.

It is likely that on some occasions you doubt between two measures. When you find yourself in that position, think about whether you prefer to wear the bracelets rather loose or tight.

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