The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Men's Bracelets


Men's bracelets

Should men wear them? Do you think they are a female accessory only?

Let me tell you YES and NO.

YES you should wear them if you want, because it is NOT an only female accessory.

In recent years, men's bracelets have become an essential accessory. It is very rare to see any famous man who does not wear at least one. Movie stars, music stars, television stars or innumerable highly influential people have jumped on the bandwagon of men's bracelets and wear them every day setting trends.

And you will wonder why? Well, to enhance each one of your looks, so that you notice that different and natural touch that makes your style your own and distinguishes it from others.

In addition, a bracelet gives the possibility to show your personality and tell your story. And all without having to say a single word. That is why we always say that jewelry tells stories.

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The key when choosing men's bracelets

The key to men's bracelets is that they must be elegant, masculine, with very simple designs and easy to put on and take off. And most importantly: they are comfortable.

Comfort is a feature that has become more and more entrenched, especially after the pandemic. Men and women agree on that. Today, comfort is very important when it comes to dressing and wearing jewelry.

A comfortable bracelet will mean that it fits perfectly to the size of your wrist. If you wear a large bracelet and it moves up and down, it will surely be a nuisance for you. If the bracelet is thin, you have more freedom of movement because it will not bother you.

Another characteristic to take into account is the size of the bracelet depending on the size of your wrist. If you have a small wrist, a small-sized bracelet will be perfect for you, but if you have a large wrist, the size of the bracelet should be larger, always in proportion to the size of your wrist.

After this, each one chooses them according to the style that he wants to wear on each occasion.

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Men's bracelets according to your style

Today in any man's wardrobe it is very common to find all kinds of bracelets prepared to wear as he pleases or according to the type of style he wants to wear every day.

If you usually wear a suit and tie, a personalized sterling silver bracelet, or stainless steel or fine and elegant natural stones will suit you perfectly.

If you like to dress more informally, any of the ones from before are great but you can also combine them with other materials such as leather or larger natural stone bracelets in a multitude of colours.

This could be, for example, in the event that you go to a dinner with your friends, a concert or wherever you want to attract a little more attention, do not hold back! and choose a bracelet with more daring colors.

If you want to wear a slightly more vintage or retro look, a leather bracelet will be a decisive accessory to achieve a result of 10.

If you are in love with motorcycles, a leather, silver or natural stone bracelet, along with your outfit will be brutal. The bracelet will denote your fondness and taste for risk.

Santa Calavera men´s bracelet

If you do sports, fine silver or cord bracelets will be your ideal companions.

But wait a minute. Is it that you want to exercise but have a hard time getting into it? Or maybe the end of the day comes and it turns out that you forgot to do it?

A good method to remind or motivate yourself to exercise is by wearing a men's bracelet. Every time you see it on your wrist you will remember it for sure.

If you are looking for a bracelet that is very versatile and that adapts to any style, I definitely recommend a stone bracelet. These types of bracelets give you a natural and sophisticated look while showing the more affable side of your personality.

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Sterling silver men´s bracelets

Natural stone bracelets, such as volcanic stone bracelets, give you an avant-garde look and, without a doubt, will be an element that will become indispensable.

You can wear the bracelets alone or play at making multiple combinations and adapt the bracelets to each of your looks. You will be surprised at the results you can achieve!

By putting on a bracelet you are making it clear that you have not only dressed in your style, but that you have put on a bracelet so that the whole outfit looks much better, and you are going to make that clear.

String bracelets or cord bracelets are ideal.

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Men's bracelets tell stories

When you wear a bracelet it is clear that you are bothered by your appearance, but also a bracelet always has a story behind it. It may be the memory of a trip, of a special person, of an incredible experience that you have lived... that just by looking at it comes to mind again. And that feeling is amazing right?

How to wear a men's bracelet

As I told you before, it is best to wear a bracelet adjusted to the size of your wrist.

Even so, sometimes they can bother you to work... take them off! I personally is what I do. Sometimes the bracelets bother me to type on the computer. I'll put them back on when I'm done.

Now, let's get down to business...

If you wear long sleeves, it is best that the bracelets are placed just below the end of the sleeve.

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men´s bracelets perfect look

If you wear half sleeves, there is no more to say: the bracelet is the perfect accessory. It will speak for you without you having to say anything.

You can put as many bracelets as you want. If you put several, better not be too thick, but this is just a tip. If you like to wear them thick, go ahead! No one better than you will know how to set a trend for sure ;p

Try to unbalance the wrists a little. If you wear a watch on one of them, you can compensate with one or more other bracelets on the other wrist but visually one wrist does not have the same load as the other.

If you don't wear a watch, you can put a bracelet on one wrist and leave the other bare.

The general idea, after all, is not to overload yourself with too many bracelets (suddenly the image of a Christmas tree came to mind :p). It would not be very pretty and it would also be very uncomfortable.

Either way, you'll look great. I always say: mix and match (mix and match). And try everything you can think of.

How to combine my men's bracelets with the watch

men´s bracelets combined with the watch

I have to say that this is what is trending the most right now.

Combining the bracelets with the watch is very fashionable now, and it is not for less. It looks incredible!

But first of all, let's keep one thing in mind. Be careful when putting metallic bracelets with the best watch you have, especially if it is made with a delicate material. You run the risk of them rubbing against each other and deteriorating.

The bracelet or bracelets always at the bottom of the watch, that is, on the side of the hand.

Another point to keep in mind is that if it is a watch that attracts a lot of attention and is what you most want it to be seen, it is better not to accompany it with any bracelet. You will distract attention from what really matters most to you.

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How many bracelets to put next to the watch

Yes, it takes a lot to put a lot of bracelets together, but please, with pleasure. Do not go overboard and put 20 at a time. Possibly the result is totally overloaded. What you have to achieve is that the bracelets complement the watch. Look for balance.

Ideas of looks to wear bracelets for men

 Men's bracelets are such an ideal complement or accessory that they go well with absolutely everything you want to wear.

I personally love it with a simple white t-shirt and jeans (you can tell I usually put comfort first, right?)

With a tracksuit, to go out to exercise outdoors, or to go to the gym they also look great.

With a long-sleeved shirt or a suit to attend any event, they are totally explosive. With your personalized look you will fall in love with both men and women.

For a work meeting, wearing a quality bracelet will say a lot about you, and it will also make your look adapt to what you want to help you meet your goals that day.

And I won't tell you what a bracelet combined with the look you choose for that special date will cause...

The rest will depend on you :)

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