By-Sho is made up of two jewelry designers and artisans, workers inside and outside the home; and Asturian. And all this 24 hours a day is incredible! ;P

We love the whole process of creating handcrafted silver jewelry. We have to say that working in our workshop is very exciting because no two pieces are ever the same.

The smallest detail can make the biggest difference and the result can be surprising.

We are inspired by cinema, books ... in life in general, but above all in Nature, which is where we get the raw materials to make our jewelry.

We love taking care of the details and filling your life with unique and special jewels like you.

We want to show you a little bit about us.

This is our workshop.

Our workshop 1

Our workshop 2

Our jewels

Each piece is carefully crafted so that the jewel reaches its full expression.

Like a work of art, taking care of every detail. Full of creativity, unique and unrepeatable.

Classic, modern, simple designs or whatever you want. Of course, with a touch of elegance.

We use unique and highest quality gems or natural stones. We bring them from different parts of the world and we select them personally.

The set of materials is designed for that special person like you, who likes to distinguish yourself by design, exclusivity and good taste.

Our objetive

The purpose of our project is to offer you a way to express yourself with jewelry through its design and color.

For us the color of the metal and the stones is a very important point.

And you will think: Why? What does color have to make it so important?

Well, because it is the main and necessary element with which we demonstrate each state of mind and each emotion.

And one more thing: We want our jewelry to accompany you throughout your life.

Exciting jewels that are with you every day and that remind you of your best memories.

Let the jewels talk about you, tell your story.

A story where YOU are the protagonist.

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