The most beautiful jewels to give on Mother's Day

Mother's Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. It is a very important day for all the meaning that it entails: thanking our mother for her unconditional love and that desire to give everything for us without expecting to receive anything in return.

Mothers are loved every day of the year but it is a good idea to take advantage of that day to tell them how much you love them and how important they are in your life. What would we do without them! Truth?

If you are looking for gift ideas for Mother's Day, here we give you some ideas of the most beautiful jewelery to give on that special day. Jewels with unique details, original personalized gifts that will make you hit for sure.

And it is that giving jewelry for Mother's Day is the best way to make her feel the most special in the world. And not only that day, but every time she sees herself with the jewel on.

Here you can find original gifts to surprise your mother, the perfect gift for the best mother in the world, and thus ensure that this beautiful memory lasts forever embodied in a jewel.

Next we are going to give you a series of jewelry ideas to give as a gift for Mother's Day.

Read on with me :)

Bracelets to give on Mother's Day

Lhe silver bracelets are the gifts that most mothers like, they are an ideal gift.

And if they are unique and handmade jewelry, much better!

Whether they are gold or silver bracelets, they are a jewelry accessory that combines with everything and is constantly on display. That way your mother will remember you every time she looks at her.

On the one hand we have silver bracelets and natural stones with cord closure. They have super cute and current designs.

It is the ideal option if you are not sure what the measurement of your mother's wrist is and you have no way of knowing without her suspecting that you are up to something. If you find yourself in this situation, you are the "discreet gift giver". Don't worry, with these adjustable cord bracelets you'll be right for sure

Another option is pearl bracelets. Those never go out of style. They combine with everything and there is no mother who does not feel great. They can be worn throughout the year and are synonymous with elegance.

In our catalog you can also find simple silver link bracelets. In this case we show you one that seems perfect to us to make that special gift, since it is accompanied by pendants with zircons that will make it shine as it deserves.

This bracelet is provided with an extension chain so that it adapts perfectly to the size of your wrist.

All our jewels are of high quality and are made with 925 sterling silver. If you have any questions or want advice, you can always contact our customer service and we will be happy to help you.

Necklaces to give on Mother's Day

Necklaces are another fantastic gift with which you will surprise your mother on that important day.

We have many very varied models, for all tastes and styles. In this case we have selected 4 models that we believe are very representative of what we want to express.

The first jewel is a long necklace of cultured pearls made by hand. It is a very elegant necklace but above all it stands out for its color. it is, to put it in some way, like very welcoming, very warm: very motherly. And we cannot deny that we love it because it has everything.

Another characteristic that it has is that you can wear it throughout the year and, like pearl bracelets, it never, ever goes out of style and is a necklace for life.

You can put it in one turn or two. It looks very pretty either way. Your mother will feel unique with this exclusive design!

Second, we have a 18kt gold plated silver necklace with natural stones. It is an exclusive handmade design and undoubtedly stands out because it is a very cheerful necklace.

Having so many colors, it goes with everything and it will be a accessory that you will love to wear every day.

Another different style is the Polar Moon silver necklace. All the beauty of the universe is represented in this beautiful choker necklace that will make your mother shine with her own light thanks to the incredible zircons that she has set.

It is a necklace that draws attention for its elegance and good taste. It is a sure hit.

And finally we have selected this beautiful silver necklace with natural stones in purple tones that is pure elegance. Its natural stones are unique, exclusive and of the highest quality, what a mother deserves.

Earrings to give away on Mother's Day

Earrings have been a characteristic jewel of women for many years. Therefore, giving earrings on Mother's Day is an option to keep in mind.

Today there are many earrings of different kinds in many different materials. We always recommend wearing quality earrings: sterling gold and sterling silver. And more when it comes to earrings to give away.

The reason is very simple: they could cause allergies to the person you give it to. And if you want your gift to have the success it deserves, you have to worry that they are high-quality earrings like the ones we have on our website.

To give you some ideas of earrings to give on Mother's Day, we have selected four other models that we believe are the most suitable to succeed on that day.

The first model is about the handmade silver earrings Cotton. They are formed by a combination of natural stones and cultured pearls that make these earrings unique.

Due to their color, they are ideal to wear now that the good weather is here and we have already started to take out the clothes that we had saved for Spring from the closet.

They are very elegant and have a cheerful and jovial character. They represent the love and joy of mothers and that supernatural energy that only they possess.

Another model that we love for its different hoop-shaped design are the Rosicake silver earrings.

Like the previous ones, they are of a very elegant, cheerful and jovial style. But in addition to that they have their own style that exquisitely combines the elements of Nature with the strength of stones. Some very original silver earrings and to take into account when you are thinking of buying them as a gift.

The Wild Nature silver earrings are earrings that combine silver with natural stones that look very nice with any garment: from a simple sweater with jeans to any dress, but we especially like it with looks that contain animal print garments. We call it "the perfect match."

And finally we have selected these earrings that are to put on the same ear. This is the silver polar star double hoop earrings. These earrings seem to us the most.

If you want to surprise your mother with earrings that are original and rarely seen, this is your option without a doubt, and they combine absolutely with everything!

In addition to the elegance provided by the detail of the polar star with zircons, these earrings are very modern and manage to bring out the best in the woman who wears them.

Show your mother all the love you have inside her and give her a jewel that she will never forget.

She will feel the luckiest and most special in the world!

From here we wish you that Mother's Day is very special and that you celebrate it in style as it deserves.

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